In prison, I can't ask for help for my depression

I have been suffering from depression for a long time now and have had thoughts of taking my own life for years now. (DOC) has been teaching me how to hold in my thoughts of depression instead of asking for help. If I ask for help or if I have a bad day and think about taking my own life, they will throw me in a cell up in Lock-up and strip me of all my clothing and leave me there to dwell on my thoughts until I tell them I no longer wish to take my own life...

....when I was an inmate with the Feds (14 years), I was trained to help people with depression and with people with suicidal thoughts and I know I can help now if the DOC would let me....I could re-write the policy on depression and suicide and inmates could get the help they need and stop being degraded by asking for it.

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