Forced Out of State

travisty for my children

"I am a father of three beautiful children. My children have not been able to visit me because of the massive amount of money it now takes to travel.... This is a travesty for my young children to have to face. They are not afforded the fatherly comfort, love, advice, and nurturing I could provide. Their mother is a great woman and is doing this all without me and has been since I was sent out of state…

“This is the sad reality that myself and many other inmates face. We carry such heavy burdens by being forced out of state to make room for new offenders. For most men, they were unwillingly force to be house out of state causing severe separation from their families, especially loving fathers being separated from their children. As part of the prison experience and life an inmate is forced into the present reality of, find a hustle and be good at it or fall victim to the shark tank of this world. Now as part of this world I have had to make choices I have to live with…

“Since being out of state, I have tried to do my time with very limited stress. I am an inmate with some psychological issues. To be straight, I am bi-polar and I suffer from 16 years of PTSD. As a child thrown to the abuse hungry wolves of the wonderful state of Vermont’s SRS foster care programs. I suffered and suffered. I now suffer from some things that while I am here, I have received no mental health help of any one person that I could talk to about my anxieties or my deep depression, not one person who cares. The psych lady here is a joke. I have been here 5 +years and when I got here she knew I was on medication. I no longer take medication because of the side effect risks that most anti-psychotic meds carry and with more and more experimental out there it’s a schmorgus board of an early grave. The meds do more harm than good. This is why I became an artist. As an artist I am able to express myself in positive ways that help me repair the damage I’ve suffered as a child and the hurt I feel as a man.”


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