This place was crime school...

hippy girl

"I can tell you that I have been in and out of jail since I was 22 years old. I am a nonviolent offender, with horrible upbringing, no support and all Bennington has ever done is just throw me in jail. I have never been offered a pro-active sentence in 12 years.

 I have never had the opportuinity to get pre-approved furlough, community service, work crew, fines, or anything except jail time. My charges consist of checks, possessions, retail thefts, and I got 3 - 6 years for obstruction of justice for writing fraudlent letters to the courts, which I claimed to be the doctor's. The letters all stated that time in pirson would be counter-productive for me. I suffer from sever mental health issues...

When I first came here I was a nice hippy girl. This palce was crime school for me. They more time I spent here the worse I got. It's still like that and now my time here is worse than hell because my history defines me. They don't care what I'm doing. They only care what I've done."

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