Punishment and Misery

hug my mother

The auto-shop and welding shop were shut-down. There isn't any real educational programs here to help people long-term... There are zero positive outlets here. The incentive program here is fradulant. On paper everyone with no major DR's gets to see a movie but even if you fit the criteria you might still not get picked to participate. St. Ablans and Springfield play movies every weekend. This may seem small but for us it means a lot. It gives us something to look forward to...

Rehabilitation is not the goal. It's punishment and misery. For instance an officer approached me aggressively at 7:00 am about my hands being in my pockets, and I just came from outta state where you can have your hands in pockets. This officer asked me to leave the chow hall. I complied. Then he decided he wanted to cuff me and bring me to  booking for a strip search because he thought I had a weapon or contraband. He could have given me a pat down, but instead he wanted to flex his muscles and demean and degrade me...

I've been in 9 nears and I don't know how I'm gonna be able to adjust to society. When the Department of Corrections works so hard at insitutionalization... I can't hug my mother at a visit, because the people in change of security across the state can't stop drugs from coming into min and mid facilities...

Just this morning an officer picked out an African-American inmate to order him to take off his hat. After he removed his hat the officer asked him for the hat (this is not procedure). He refused. The officer called for back-up and dragged him and another African-American inmate who was just trying to explain the situation. This is the kicker- there were other inmates with hats on at the time, only difference is those inmates were white....



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