They... They...They...

i committed a crime

The mentality is perpetuated and taught to new officers too. The training CO’s say to the trainees “They will test you… They will push the limits… They… They… They… They… When I heard these things being said it changed my life. While I had been talking to people about humanity and equality and saying things that speak to empathy

and how we all have the same choices, the same emotions, the same battles. They have been speaking of separation, and how inhuman all of us are. I know then that we might not be at the same point as far as our moral evolution. We might not be similar after all.

I committed a crime. I was separated from society for it. My rights as an American have been stripped from me in some respects. I no longer talk to my family or friends. My world is the inside of 10 -15 acre facility. But I’m still a human being. Not a commodity, not a punching bag. I’m not less than anybody. In fact, I’ve done a lot of work to always be better than I was yesterday. So I know that I don’t deserve to suppressed or condescended to, or spit on, or take from, or made fun, or deprived of things like gender and dignity. 

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