When did prison become a cure for addiction?

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[VCJR recieved this over JPay, the for-profit email service available inside Vt. prisons]

"This is a view point from an inmate who has served many years straight in prison-

We are locking up substance abusers for a short period of time whether a first offender, a violation of probation, or just for having an addiction. Vermonters, when did prison become a cure for addiction? It's a proven fact that every time we lock up our Vt. substance abusers we are creating a revolving door for them to lose their jobs, housing, and their children. We, as Vt. tax payers, need to make our Vt. families strong again...

For the Vt. long term inmates, we are slowly killing them by providing them with all restriction and no redemption. There are no chances for someone who has rehabilitated themselves by taking advantage of all the resources while in prison. There is no housing for our listed offenders. Who is advocating for these inmates?  Where is the restorative justice for those who have turned their life around after being a role model for many years in prison? Some inmates die before their sentence is up because of the poor medical care, diet, lack of recreation and the correctional environment as a whole...

Let’s make our Vt. families strong again by bring back “good time” for listed offenders. Let’s pass H.623, the early release for older inmates bill for this year. If our prisons are not set up for long term care then let’s place these inmates somewhere that they can live with dignity, so they can get the health care and nutrition they need, so they are no so restricted as to contribute further to a life time of traumatic events..."

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