They can't use the bathroom...

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"They charge $3.00 to put money on are media accounts. They don’t charge to transfer stamps to are accounts. Medical is making guys order there own aspren now. They are taking all the guys off there aspren. Now anyone who was on aspren have to order it through Canteen. 

The new thing that they are doing here at Newport is taking the universal weights from us. They are saying it is a security issue. Those weights have been here how long? Now they are security issue. Anytime they to take something from us it is always a “security issue”. That is there way of being able to take it from us. The old saying goes you keep poking at a dog in a cage your going to get bitten. When guys are in the gym class or group they can’t use the bathroom in the gym. They have a locked door on the bathroom now. You can only go back to your unit on the movement window. That means the guys in group have to go about two hours or more not being able to use a bathroom."

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