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    Conference: Reimagining Justice: Dec 1 at Vermont Law School

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  • Reimagining Justice:Add your voice to our call for a more just, humane, and effective criminal justice system
  • Locked Up & #ShippedAway: Urge the legislature to take steps to reduce the prison population, bring home out-of-state inmates, and end the contract with GEO Group, the for-profit prison corporation that houses them. (We're making progress here, too.  In 2014, 500 men were housed out of state. In 2016, there are fewer than 250. Keep up the pressure!)

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Major Funders

  • Vital Advised Fund at Proteus Fund
  • Serena Foundation
  • Vermont Community Foundation 
  • Gay & Lesbian Fund of Vt., at the direction of the Shayne Foundation
  • Susan Z. Ritz/Larsen Fund
  • R. Timothy Larsen/Larsen Fund
  • Tulgey Wood Foundation
  • Fountain Fund


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