Realities To Remember During The 2014 Columbus Sexual Assault Prevention Month

Looking back, it was during the 2014 Columbus Sexual Assault Prevention Month that we decided to launch a website that promotes justice reform. The event occurred way before the #MeToo movement or any other organization that aimed to end various forms of maltreatment. However, it ignited our desire to try to make a change and inform more and more people on how they could prevent violence, particularly getting assaulted sexually. Thanks to this celebration, therefore, we realized that:



1. Looking Out For Each Other Is Important

Whenever you go out with friends, co-workers, or relatives, it is best to remember that you are one another’s primary protectors. You should stay close together, especially if you visit a foreign place. In case someone in the group decides to speak with a stranger, at least one of you has to keep an eye on him or her. That is the most basic way to ensure that any possible wrongdoer won’t have a chance to molest or force a loved one to perform sexual acts.

2. Helping Anyone At Risk Is Necessary

In times when you notice that an individual is in danger of being assaulted, you should not be a scaredy-cat and back away from the scene as if you saw nothing. By doing so, it makes you almost no different from an accomplice to the crime because you did not do anything to aid the person at risk.



3. Seeking The Police’s Assistance Early Is Ideal

The authorities never fail to remind everyone to dial 9-1-1 whenever they get in trouble or know that a form of violence is about to unfold. You need to take advantage of that and call the number at once whether you are acquainted with the person in danger or not. Such an action can stop a wrongdoer from committing a crime and guarantee the safety of another soul.

In Conclusion

Sexual assaults are preventable. We merely have to look out for each other and be brave enough to help one another in any way we can to make it happen. If we start doing it now, there may not be more victims of molestation or rape out there.