Five Countries In The World Who Rank Lowest In Recorded Crime Rates


Crime happens everywhere, whether in the industrialized or developed countries or the less developed ones.  There’s a myriad of laws written, punishments ready to be served, but still, none can stop everyone from violating the laws.  It may be hard to believe, but there are countries that have very little crime rates, and according to the United Nations are safe to visit and live in.

Let’s take a peek on some of the countries that are said to have lower crime rates and find out their secrets.

  1. Denmark

The 5th lowest on the list is Denmark.  The United States even evaluated Copenhagen as a low-threat place based on its crime rate.

Denmark is still a safe and secure country to visit.  Although reported weapon-related delinquencies, sexual assault has increased since 2014, the state is still one of the safest compared to other OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries.  When planning on visiting Denmark you even got to be cautious, pickpockets and other petty crimes happen in train stations, airports, and public buses.  Drug-related crimes are also low in number.

The corruption rate is also low in Denmark, and police officers are professional, well trained, and competent.  The Danish Police are dedicated and responsive when dealing with criminal activities.


  1. Iceland

People of Iceland genuinely care about one another.  This is made known when in January 2017, a young woman was tragically abducted and killed while on her way home.  This grim story ended in a public expression of grief by the whole nation.  Everybody came together as a result of this senseless death.  Vigils by candlelight were held, and countless numbers of people marched on the streets.


Iceland is the least populated country of less than 350,000.   You can see no police patrolling the streets with guns, and yet violence is unheard of.  At night, the residents can leave their doors unlocked.

That one incident of murder has made it a bad year.

Because of its small population, people know each other, and they are indeed close.  Their place remains safe because the residents chose to be so.


  1. Japan

One of the safest nations in Asia, and with the lowest murder rate among industrial countries.

Crime on the street practically don’t exist, and even drug-related incidence is low.  It is said that its Japan’s culture.  If they caught you there committing crimes related to illegal drugs, you are thought of as a person with bad character.  Although Yakuza (organized crime syndicate) are involved in extortion, pornography, arson, blackmail, and influencing public officials, they will not be seen carrying guns.

Japan ranked third lowest in terms of murder cases among OECD nations.   In fact, Tokyo is named the safest city in the world and Osaka the 3rd safest.

Japan’s way of putting a strong focus on crime prevention seems very useful.  They make sure their ATMs are in safe place to withdraw cash even after dark and security guards are alert in eyeing potential suspicious activity.  People understand and approve that they can’t just own guns.  There are more reasons why Japan is named one of the safest countries in the world.


  1. Luxembourg

Just 1000 square miles with almost 600,000 population, Luxembourg is one of the wealthiest nations in Europe and also has the lowest crime rate.  It ranked second lowest OECD nation regarding murder cases.

Violent crimes almost don’t exist in Luxembourg.  But petty crimes, like pickpocketing, happens in areas visited by tourists.

It is very rare that a police officer is charged with corruption.

The reason why this country is entirely free of violent crimes could be due to the high standard of living, and they also have a low poverty rate.  As a matter of fact, Luxembourg has the 6th highest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita.


  1. Singapore

Yes.   Singapore is the safest country on Earth to live in.  This small nation (almost four times smaller than Rhode Island with only 1 million population) is home to nearly 5.3 million people.  You can imagine how overcrowded Singapore is, but despite that, the government and police force of Singapore managed to keep crime rates down.  Numbers of drug-related crimes are also low because of the nation’s harsh laws and punishment that deals with illegal drug crimes.  Even petty stuff, like spitting gum, is punishable with huge fines.


In Singapore, the one in charge is the government, for they have faith in the value of safety over freedom.  They invest so much in their protection, like the surveillance cameras installed everywhere.  They even have lampposts with face recognition cameras.  You can truly say that security comes with a price tag, and it works, as proven by being named the safest nation in the world.



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